Great))) I think it's time for you to write your own elegant solution for the perfect UI. You will be surprised how interesting it is ...but just nobody needs it)

Minimalistic, fast, and highly efficient reactivity.

Hi friends! Today I will tell you how I came to this.

Redux has so many different functions, Mobx has mutable objects by default, Angular so heavy, Vue so strange, and other them so young 😅

These funny thoughts served as fuel for writing…

When you want to separate your React hooks between several components it’s can be very difficult, because all context data stored in React component function area. If you want to share some of state parts or control functions to another component your need pass It thought React component props. …

Due to the fact that React provides amazing capabilities for working with display, you can only focus on organizing the application logic and the semantics of the code that describes how to work with data. Those. choosing a state management library, the choice of the style of the future code base takes place.

Slava Birch

If you really need to do something, that means — create perfection.

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